Passionate explorer with over a decade of experience building design solutions that help serving people’s needs and enhance business goals.

As a self-taught designer with a degree in philology, my journey into digital design involved exploration in various fields. Early on, I discovered that my passion revolves around creativity, technology, and human interaction with systems. In 2012, when I secured my first job in a digital agency as a web designer, I confirmed that I was finally doing what I love. Since then, my curiosity to learn and explore has led me to gain diverse experiences.

In addition to creating graphic designs and UI for digital agencies at the start of my career, I ventured into designing iterations while working remotely in the international market across various industries. My work garnered recognition from platforms such as Behance, Awwwards, and CSS Design Awards. However, over time, I discovered a stronger attraction to the analytical and psychological aspects of design, particularly in the realm of user experience (UX).

Since 2016, I have been working as a Product Designer with a robust focus on UX and user research. My primary interest lies in understanding customer interactions with interfaces. As I gained seniority as an individual contributor, my career trajectory shifted towards inspiring design peers, influencing their professional growth, and making a significant impact on teams and products.

Today, I see the value of giving back to the design community by leveraging design maturity, and specially serving with my skillset to solve most pressing social problems. You can also find me in ADP List.