Hello there, nice to meet you!

I’m Anna, a self-taught product designer with a great passion for UX and research

Over the last 8-years, I got entrepreneurship experience, co-founded the web agency and award-winning IT competitions startup, moved 3 countries, worked remotely and in-hose leading a full design cycle and mentoring junior team members.

Being originally from Ukraine, I had a life goal to move abroad to develop professionally as well as to discover new cultures and people. Since 2012, I’ve been working with startups, product companies and agencies across the globe. In 2015 I co-founded Creativin – the web development agency in Prague and in 2016 – IT Challenges – the startup which matched talents and employers through offline and online competitions which tool part in Krakow (Poland). Since 2017 I moved definitely from my homeland first to Berlin working as a Product Designer and in two years to the city of my dream – Lisbon, where I’m currently living.

Enjoy working with talented and motivated teams, help mentoring juniors, leading full design cycle, and bringing fresh, functional, and desirable ideas by empathizing to the user and business needs. Keen on observing and understanding human interaction with the systems and technologies and converting the findings to elegant customer-centered solutions.

Got recognition from Awwwards, CSS Designed Awards, and Behance. Certified in UX by Nielsen Norman Group.

When I’m not designing, I’m most likely hiking in the Portuguese hills, visiting wineries, or trying new seafood dishes.